Working closely together with 5 handpicked artisans from Fukui, Japan, YUICHI TOYAMA : 5 incorporates generations of knowledge with the contemporary design philosophy of YUICHI TOYAMA. to create a prestigious new line that is the epitome of high-end eyewear today.

The town of Sabae in Fukui, Japan is where more than 96% of all eyewear is produced in Japan. It is the undisputed seat of the eyewear industry today. Yuichi Toyama draws upon decades of eyewear industry experience and a deep passion for discovery and innovation to push the limits of engineering possibility and uncover new creative territory. All-new eyewear components are completely rethought down to the last detail in an unceasing drive for precision and comfort in both style and fit.

From tradition is born innovation. YUICHI TOYAMA : 5 quality and heritage meets artistry and imagination.

Marrying traditional craftwork and innovative design, YUICHI TOYAMA. sets the standard for ‘new made-in-Japan’ quality today.

YUICHI TOYAMA. is both a brand and a person: the name of the designer behind it all. He works from a philosophy of merging traditional skills with innovative design. You can see a particularly Japanese approach in his eyewear that isn’t afraid to combine opposites to emphasize the simple elegance and timeless beauty of eyewear as an everyday object. Yuichi Toyama designs frames based on 5 guiding principles: Look, Think, Draw, Make, Break.

Working this way, he creates designs that are consistently unique and consciously aware of the customer.