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    Working closely together with 5 handpicked artisans from Fukui, Japan, YUICHI TOYAMA : 5 incorporates generations of knowledge with the contemporary design philosophy of YUICHI TOYAMA. to create a prestigious new line that is the epitome of high-end eyewear today.

    The town of Sabae in Fukui, Japan is where more than 96% of all eyewear is produced in Japan. It is the undisputed seat of the eyewear industry today. Yuichi Toyama draws upon decades of eyewear industry experience and a deep passion for discovery and innovation to push the limits of engineering possibility and uncover new creative territory. All-new eyewear components are completely rethought down to the last detail in an unceasing drive for precision and comfort in both style and fit.

    From tradition is born innovation. YUICHI TOYAMA : 5 quality and heritage meets artistry and imagination.



    YUICHI TOYAMA : 5 features completely original designs, engineered piece by piece to optimise comfort and fit. These frames are custom-designed to maximize the characteristics that only the highest grade of beta-titanium can provide by combining both strength and flexibility in one.

    Technical innovation means that the fronts of the frames can remain extremely thin and yet super strong, with finely tuned three-dimensional details carved out of a single sheet of titanium. The debut collection of YUICHI TOYAMA : 5 also introduces a new eyelet hinge mechanism that is a first for the eyewear industry.

    Meticulously detailed design elements engraved on the end pieces and temples are part of a cohesive design language that forms a dialogue with the metal nose pads and pad arms, each with their own signature trait from YUICHI TOYAMA. Proudly representing the highest standards of Japanese manufacturing and design, the frames are named after Japanese capitals Kyoto and Tokyo. In a way that only the best of Japan knows how, form follows function and style meets sensibility in each of the thoughtful choices that come together to create each frame.



    『Tradition & Innovation』
    Marrying traditional craftwork and innovative design, YUICHI TOYAMA. sets the standard for ‘new made-in-Japan’ quality today.





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