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    The creative design team at Atelier Cinq and YUICHI TOYAMA. present YUICHI TOYAMA / D. Archives transform into inspiration for an entirely modern take on eyewear.

    Some ideas, drawings, and design prototypes don’t make it into production. They might have been technically impossible or too difficult to realize. Sometimes they were too far ahead of their time, or simply didn’t seem right for that moment. So, instead, they remain in the archive. Atelier Cinq’s founder, Yuichi Toyama, revisits his archives, a folder marked /D/ containing a treasure trove of such designs, to take another look with contemporary eyes and select the best of the best from both YUICHI TOYAMA. and his previous eyewear brand USH.

    Taking these select ideas from the archive as a basis and forging a brand new direction, Atelier Cinq’s design team has applied Yuichi Toyama’s core design philosophy—look, think, draw, create, and break—to come up with essential eyewear for today. With fresh new ideas for manufacturing, distribution, sales and promotion, YUICHI TOYAMA / D reimagines the entire eyewear experience.

    For the 2021SS collection, Atelier Cinq’s design team incorporates a wide range of influences from contemporary art. This unique approach to eyewear blends reality and fantasy, taking us on a journey that reimagines great works of art as masterful eyewear designs.


    Carefully constructed accents emphasize the three-dimensional aspects of the frame, while integrated nose pads are both ecological and provide for a snug fit and a refined, cohesive appearance. Temple tips made of supple plastic ensure extra comfort and flexibility. The result is an eyewear collection that highlights the most integral parts of the brand’s identity with a focus on versatility and unisex wearability for customers of any age.




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