Pure design and structural aesthetics. YUICHI TOYAMA. eyewear is simple but unique: expressing individuality without following trends.


Tradition and Innovation
Marrying traditional craftwork and innovative design, YUICHI TOYAMA. sets the standard for ‘new made-in-Japan’ quality today.

YUICHI TOYAMA. is both a brand and a person: the name of the designer behind it all.
He works from a philosophy of merging traditional skills with innovative design.
You can see a particularly Japanese approach in his eyewear that isn’t afraid to combine opposites to emphasize the simple elegance and timeless beauty of eyewear as an everyday object. Yuichi Toyama designs frames based on 5 guiding principles: Look, Think, Draw, Make, Break.

Working this way, he creates designs that are consistently unique and consciously aware of the customer.


Starting Spring 2017 our brand name USH by Yuichi Toyama changes to YUICHI TOYAMA.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Yuichi’s artistic journey as an eyewear designer. To acknowledge the quarter century milestone, the brand changes its name to achieve its full potential in continuing to offer unconventional, timeless products based on an extraordinary experience and the highest Japanese quality.

Yuichi Toyama is deeply influenced by the history of eyewear.
His design is an interpretation of the traditional aesthetics of structure and color, combined with modern eyewear decor.
This is the strong basis on which he develops the new collections.

Designer’s profile

Yuichi Toyama
Eyewear designer, C.E.O. of Atelier Cinq Co., Ltd.

1993 Experienced marketing, planning at eyewear manufacturer in Fukui.
2004 Worked as freelance designer, eyewear consultant.
2009 Established the first private label “USH”.
2010 Established Atelier Cinq Co., Ltd. in Tokyo.
2017 Renewing the brand name ( YUICHI TOYAMA ) in 2017 Spring