Double Dutch: The New Pinnacle of Eyewear Fashion
YUICHI TOYAMA. Unveils The “U-1 ‘Yuichi’” 5th Anniversary Gold-Plated Eyewear Edition

Eyewear brand YUICHI TOYAMA. is set to launch a limited edition model, the U-1 ‘YUICHI,’ in mid-March 2023, to commemorate the brand’s fifth anniversary. The model will be limited to just 200 pieces worldwide.

Beginning his career at a glasses manufacturer in Fukui Prefecture in 1993, Yuichi Toyama founded his own brand, “USH,” in 2009, before rebranding as “YUICHI TOYAMA.” in 2017 with the philosophy of “traditional techniques and innovative design.” The brand is now available in more than 550 stores across 15 countries.

At the time of the company’s launch, YUICHI TOYAMA. presented a collection called “Double Dutch,” which later became a signature piece of the YUICHI TOYAMA. lineup. The inspiration for this collection is a jump rope game called Double Dutch and the beauty created by the two ropes in the air: moments of syncopation and coincidence. Observing these graceful geometries, Toyama devised a design in which the entire frame is composed of two lines, with the junction between the temples and the front as the connecting point.

5th Anniversary Model

After releasing “Double Dutch,” Toyama began to dream of creating a frame made of pure gold with this iconic design. It took him over five years of trial and error to create the U-1 ‘YUICHI’ model, which uses titanium as the base and is coated with gold plating. The model boasts enhanced texture with over 30 times the usual thickness of gold plating while maintaining lightness, comfort, functionality, and strength. The front shape, rim, pads, and frame parts have all been newly designed with Toyama’s keen eye for the most beautiful form at the moment.

Size: 44□22
Color: 24K gold


Layered Rim

“I devised a convex-shaped rim to enhance the beauty of the Double Dutch structure. This represents a significant upgrade to the texture and strength compared to previous models.” – Yuichi Toyama


“When it comes to the Double Dutch construction style that joins the entire frame with two ropes, the design of the pads is crucial in terms of both vision and strength. We applied delicate lines on the surface of the pads placed on the nose in order to improve both grip and fit.” – Yuichi Toyama


“I wanted to design this commemorative model with a superior standard that will endure the test of time. Therefore, we have focused on bringing out the texture of the materials and eliminated any unnecessary decoration.” – Yuichi Toyama


Internationally acclaimed ceramic artist Takuro Kuwata was selected to be an ambassador and collaborator for the U-1 ‘YUICHI’ campaign. Yuichi Toyama was drawn to Kuwata’s unique creations with gold glazing, and felt a connection to his approach to pottery-making. As a result, Toyama was eager to invite the renowned artist to collaborate, resulting in a product that blends both of their creative visions.

Completing the collection and protecting the eyewear, a leather cleaning cloth and a wooden case with a white lacquer surface treatment also showcase the creative vision of YUICHI TOYAMA. The U-1 ‘YUICHI’ is a tribute to the brand’s journey and history, tracing its footsteps and showcasing its continued commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Take a moment to revel in the beauty and brilliance of this new signature masterpiece.